This site, provide an artistic tool which can render a high resolution picture into an art work in seconds.

Different from websites like deepart.io, which takes tens of minutes or even hours to render high resolution pictures, this site use fast neural style transfer technologies which renders high resolution pictures in seconds.

Different from the popular app prisma, which also use the similar fast neural style transfer technology, we have developed an improved training method which can create a style model within an hour. This allows us to quickly produce a large number of different styles like deepart.io, while we can render the pictures in similar amount of time like prisma.

We also allow users to create very high resolution rendered artistic images up to 2500px. Here is an example.

Colin maynard 190292

We render this picture with the style image in the upper left corner with 2500px high resolution, we get the following image:

Colin maynard stylized

This technology can also be easily applied to videos. Here is an example of New York city view rendered with Van Gogh's Night Market style:

Because we use fast neural style transfer technology similar to this, rendering the artistic image is almost instant. The default low resolution setting which is 768px takes only about 10 seconds in total. The exact time can vary with the size of the picture, but the total amount of time should vary from a few seconds to a few tens of seconds

However, we have improved the fast neural style transfer technology by reducing the model training time to about 1 hour. That's why we provide a large number of styles and we allow users to submit their own style photos. If you want to create a new style, please email your style image to: [email protected]. Although training a new style takes only about 1 hour, the administrators maintains the website only in their spare time and thus it can take a day for the administrator to upload the new style model to the website

To render pictures to artistic images using existing styles, or create your own styles, you need to register. The register process is very simple and you can use your existing social network accounts including Google, Facebook and Twitter to check in. If you submit new styles, you will be notified by email when the style is ready, which can take up to a day

If you have any question, please contact us at [email protected]